1. an illustration for oh comely (issue#21).  unnerving details were encouraged, making this an extra fun project for me!

    prints of this piece are available at Society6.  

  2. A tiny brush to paint tiny people…

  3. plant bits in pen and marker.

  4. drawing tiny muscle men…

  5. "The Rock Hound’s Curse"

    (Everything she touched burst into bits).

    Graphite, watercolor & acrylic  /  5x5”

    Prints available at Society6.

  6. patternsbymarie:

    Penny Pouches made from my original textile design!

    Available at Imaginary Animal.

  7. patternsbymarie:

    My funny Wheat Back Pennies surface pattern.

  8. finished greeting card illustration!

  9. greeting card illustration in progress…

  10. here’s what my pig letters became!  this is one of my entries in Ohh Deer’s greeting card contest.  View/like/share my complete entry here.

  11. the commute

    graphite, watercolor, acrylic


    prints available here.

  12. bordered with my delicate watercolor branches, these pretty pages are perfect for writing little notes and lists.  available here.

  13. oh, just working on some pig letters…

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  15. sprout walkers

    graphite, colored pencil, watercolor


    prints available here.